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Best Practices

Check out the different activities offered by locals. Every Adventure listing comes equipped with a description, photos and details on what is included for the price. On the explore page you can find new destinations as well as recommended and trending Adventures. Browse sports by destination to know more about the Adventures happening in your favorite destination. When finding the right Adventure for you, a good place to start is knowing your destination and price range. From there you can review your options and narrow down your search parameters using our filters.

Once booked, if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact the local offering the Adventure for additional information. Your messages might prompt them to improve the description of their Adventure for future users.

During the Adventure follow the instructions given by the local expert. Your safety is a concern to the local and to us. We request that you act respectfully and limit risks. Share your Adventure pictures by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram. Your opinion is invaluable, we welcome all feedback and the chance to use it to improve.

Users are looking for Adventures that are different and unique. Provide a clear description of the Adventure alongside high-quality images to make it appealing to users. Also, add other details for example if accommodation or equipment are included in the price. Don't forget to promote your Adventure to attract more users. Titles and keywords are important to capture the attention of visitors.

A great way to increase your visibility is to offer multiple Adventures, allowing you to target different audiences, receive more reviews and rank higher. Select a flexible schedule, the sport you will be offering and its sub-category. From there the ideal would be to diversify your offers, variety is key.

When setting the price of your Adventure, we encourage you to compare your listing with related, existing offers to set a competitive price. Ensure that all your availabilities are accurate as this will save both you and your customers a lot of time and effort, which will encourage repeat business. Try to be punctual in both your responses to any questions customers might have and when meeting them on the day.

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