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Who can become an adventures provider on Kooloco?

Kooloco aims to be a platform for quality adventures. This is why we ask our providers to meet certain criteria: being 18 years old, being certified to guide people for their adventures, offering adventures in a professional setting, knowing the places where the adventures are offered, having a thorough knowledge of the sport, ensuring the safety of customers while providing them a quality adventure, offering unique and authentic experiences.

How do I create an adventures provider account?

Once logged in as a user, click on the "Provider Profile" button at the top right of the home page of the site. From there, you will need to provide additional details such as your certifications, the adventures you want to offer or your destination. Follow the suggested steps and you will be able to publish your adventure.

How can I list an adventure?

Once you are logged in as an adventure provider, you can then create an adventure. Remember to provide a detailed description, with high quality photos, as well as your availability and the specific location of your experience. You will also be asked to include the price and maximum number of participants for each adventure.

What is the perfect price for my adventure?

In order to define the ideal price of your adventure, we recommend that you do a market research by looking at similar offers already listed on our platform. This will help you find a competitive price compared to existing adventures. Choose a price that satisfies your expectations and needs.

How can I create an organization account?

Once you start the process of creating an adventures provider account, you can select the account type as an organization account.