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Why Kooloco?

Why do adventure providers love Kooloco?


"Many sites offer adventure promotion but Kooloco is more complete in terms of support and help for the creation of new ideas for offers."


Mountain guide

"I was impressed by the ease of use of this platform. In a few minutes everything seems logical and intuitive, the online adventure process is simple."


Surf instructor

"Thanks to Kooloco, our school now has an important digital visibility."


Ski school manager

What works for adventure providers?

We are here to leverage your sports adventure know-how and help you become successful. Ready to go? Here are some tips to help get started.
List your adventure kooloco

List your most unique adventures and make them exclusive to clients.

Bring clients kooloco

Bring your clients to beautiful and secret spots only locals know of.

Coordinate with clients kooloco

Coordinate with your clients to ensure smooth sailing.

Pics of adventure kooloco

Use high-quality pictures and write compelling descriptions.

Adventure package kooloco

Make your packages as all inclusive as possible.

Adventure equipment kooloco

Try to provide special equipment that is usually hard to get.

How to start using Kooloco in a few clicks?

  1. Create your account
  2. Apply to become adventure provider
  3. List your most exciting adventure
  4. Receive reservation requests
  5. Organize the adventure and make your client happy
  6. Get paid
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Who can become an adventures provider on Kooloco?

Kooloco aims to be a platform for quality adventures. This is why we ask our providers to meet certain criteria: being 18 years old, being certified to guide people for their adventures, offering adventures in a professional setting, knowing the places where the adventures are offered, having a thorough knowledge of the sport, ensuring the safety of customers while providing them a quality adventure, offering unique and authentic experiences.

How do I create an adventures provider account?

Once logged in as a user, click on the "Provider Profile" button at the top right of the home page of the site. From there, you will need to provide additional details such as your certifications, the adventures you want to offer or your destination. Follow the suggested steps and you will be able to publish your adventure.

How can I list an adventure?

Once you are logged in as an adventure provider, you can then create an adventure. Remember to provide a detailed description, with high quality photos, as well as your availability and the specific location of your experience. You will also be asked to include the price and maximum number of participants for each adventure.

What is the perfect price for my adventure?

In order to define the ideal price of your adventure, we recommend that you do a market research by looking at similar offers already listed on our platform. This will help you find a competitive price compared to existing adventures. Choose a price that satisfies your expectations and needs.

How can I create an organization account?

Once you start the process of creating an adventures provider account, you can select the account type as an organization account.

How much commission does Kooloco get?

In order to provide a simple and advantageous system for service providers and customers, we have decided to use a sliding scale commission that depends on to the number of adventures proposed on Kooloco. It may vary from 20% to only 5%.

Examples of successful adventures