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Trust & Safety

Your safety is our top priority.

Making right choice kooloco


Kooloco uses a rating system to help you make the right decision. Users who have previously participated in the activity will have been prompted to grade the adventure. Consult it and take it into account.

Quality of content

Read the adventure description carefully. Good content includes a detailed and well-written description, as well as a selection of quality photos illustrating what you will do. We also recommend that you review the cancellation policy for each adventure, as it may vary from one adventure to another.

Chat with your local

Once your reservation or request is sent, you can contact the provider of your adventure. This will allow you to get to know each other and discuss the details or request additional information if necessary.

Stay safe with kooloco

Keep your money safe

We use a reliable and secure method to manage online payments. After your reservation, the payment will be transferred to an escrow account and will only be released if the adventure is over and both parties are satisfied.

Read the cancellation carefully policy before booking

When an adventure provider publishes an ad on Kooloco, they select an appropriate cancellation policy. Check the proposed option to find out before you send either a request of a direct booking.

Take your skill level into consideration

When you are looking for an adventure that meets your needs, we encourage you to use the recommended level filter. This gives you the opportunity to refine your search results according to your skill level.

Kooloco help

24/7 support guaranteed

We remain entirely at your disposal to answer any questions or requests for additional information. To do this, feel free to use our contact form, live chat or send us an email.

Dispute assistance

In the event of a dispute or dissatisfaction, you can come forward. Kooloco is available to help you solve your issue so that both parties can find a common ground.

Kooloco providers


Be careful about the clarity of your descriptions, the quality of the images provided and especially your reviews. This will encourage the booking of your adventure and the trust of your customers.

Chat with visitors to understand their needs

Once a user has booked your adventure or sent you a request, you can contact them to give or request additional details. At this point, make sure you are in agreement with your client's needs and any other information related to your experience.

Work safely at kooloco

Kooloco safe money transfer

The payment for the booking of your adventure is temporarily transferred to an escrow account and then released once the adventure is over. Note that your client has 24 hours (once the adventure is over) to choose to release the amount due or raise an objection. In case of validation, you will automatically receive the funds. If you have any objections, you will discuss them together to find a solution. Finally, if the customer does not show up after 24 hours, you will automatically get your money back.

Understand your customer's needs and expectations

It is beneficial to both you and the customer to make sure that you know what you are expecting from each other. Once they have made a booking, you can contact each other using our chat service and make sure you are on the same page.

Make sure your qualifications & certificates are up to date

As an adventure provider, you have the opportunity to download any certifications or qualifications you have. These documents will then be verified by an administrator. Only a mention that you are certified and validated by Kooloco will be displayed on your profile. Make sure your documents are up to date.

Kooloco support

24/7 support guaranteed

We remain entirely at your disposal to answer any questions or requests for additional information. To do this, feel free to use our contact form, live chat or send us an email.

Dispute assistance

In the event of a dispute or dissatisfaction, you can come forward. Kooloco is available to help you solve your issue so that both parties can find a common ground.

Stay safe and secure at kooloco

We are taking important steps to ensure online security. Our team is dedicated to ensuring greater security for our users and service providers. Here are some general tips to protect yourself and your information online - whether on Kooloco or elsewhere.

Keeping your computer safe

It’s important to keep your computer secure. Ensure that you have a strong password and make sure to sign out of public computers. Keep your antivirus software, browsers, applications, and operating systems up-to-date. Conduct routine computer scans using an antivirus software.

Safeguarding your private information

Rest assured, your private information will be safe and secure in our database. You can increase security on your end by choosing a strong, unique password. This means using a mix of lower and upper case letters, using symbols, and ensuring it is at least 8 characters long. Do not leave your computer unattended.

Avoid phishing

Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails pretending to be from reputable companies in order to trick individuals into revealing personal information. It may come in the form of an email from a familiar address to gain credibility, so be wary of suspicious URLs or attachments. Kooloco will never ask you to share your username or password through email. Always err on the side of caution. To report phishing contact us at

Protecting yourself from malware

Malware is a virus that is most commonly installed on your computer without your consent or knowledge. To avoid malware, avoid clicking on suspicious links or attachments sent to you via email. These emails will commonly try to convince you to open links with fabricated unpaid invoices or stories, be wary of anything you don't recognise.

 Reporting a concern

The safety and security of both our locals and users is of the utmost importance to us. If, for any reason, you suspect that your personal information is under threat, then contact us as soon as possible. To voice a concern, report a user, a local or an Adventure, contact us at

Who can become an adventures provider on Kooloco?

Kooloco aims to be a platform for quality adventures. This is why we ask our providers to meet certain criteria: being 18 years old, being certified to guide people for their adventures, offering adventures in a professional setting, knowing the places where the adventures are offered, having a thorough knowledge of the sport, ensuring the safety of customers while providing them a quality adventure, offering unique and authentic experiences.

How do I create an adventures provider account?

Once logged in as a user, click on the "Provider Profile" button at the top right of the home page of the site. From there, you will need to provide additional details such as your certifications, the adventures you want to offer or your destination. Follow the suggested steps and you will be able to publish your adventure.

How can I list an adventure?

Once you are logged in as an adventure provider, you can then create an adventure. Remember to provide a detailed description, with high quality photos, as well as your availability and the specific location of your experience. You will also be asked to include the price and maximum number of participants for each adventure.

What is the perfect price for my adventure?

In order to define the ideal price of your adventure, we recommend that you do a market research by looking at similar offers already listed on our platform. This will help you find a competitive price compared to existing adventures. Choose a price that satisfies your expectations and needs.

How can I create an organization account?

Once you start the process of creating an adventures provider account, you can select the account type as an organization account.

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