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Enterprise At Kooloco

With Kooloco, local organizations have access to a global marketplace to sell their Adventures. Our service allows you to affiliate your team of guides or local experts and manage their financial operations.

WHY KOOLOCO? We leverage your sports Adventure know-how


Once your team is listed on the platform, you will benefit from a significant increase in visibility within the marketplace. We take care of the marketing.


Our app is fast and easy to use. In just a few clicks you can have your team listed and start earning extra income.


The app is 100% free to download in both the Google Play Store and the App Store. We only earn income after you do.


1. Log into the application or the website

Do you run an enterprise and are looking to increase your visibility, expand your reach and increase your income? Kooloco allows you access to all of this without a sign up fee. First you'll need to create an account and log in as a local to either our website or our app. From there you will be able to find the enterprise options and get started.

2. Upload your personal info

Before you can gain traffic and visibility for your enterprise you will need to create an account and be verified as a local. This process does not take long and will allow you to benefit from our platform.

3. Create your organization

Once your local account has been approved, you can begin creating your organization. From there you will have to fill in some details such as a short description of your enterprise and where you are based. Uploading high quality photos alongside this information will increase your visibility. You can now start affiliating locals, assigning payment rules and increasing your income.

4. Add affiliated locals to join your organization

Nearly there! At this point you will be prompted to add affiliated locals, which you will be able to find using our repertoire, to join your organization.

5. Management payment preferences

From here you are able to easily manage your affiliates and the payment rules that you have assigned to them. You are able to control whether the organization or the local receives the payments from customers, or even choose a percentage to share the payments.

6. Follow your locals activities with the dashboard

Monitor your affiliates to see how they are performing and their activity on the platform from our easy to use dashboard. Stay in control.

Manage and monitor your team of affiliated locals. Accessing and reviewing their schedules, assigning payment rules, with the Kooloco app you'll have these functions at your fingertips. Make running your enterprise that much easier, download now.