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Who can become a Local (service provider)?

Anyone who feels that they have a unique Adventure that others might be interested in. You don't need to have any special qualifications, although it might help your visibility if you do. From locals who know a cool skate or surf spot to fully certified guides or experts, Kooloco allows you to share your knowledge with an international audience.

How do I create a Local account?

It couldn't be any easier to create a local account. Once you're logged in as a user, click on the become a local button on the top right of the website homepage. From there you will be asked for additional details, for example proof of any certifications you might have and where you are based. Follow the simple steps and be on your way to listing your first Adventure.

How can I create an Adventure?

Once you are signed in as a local you can create one easilly. After doing so you'll need to think of an Adventure that will attract customers and supply a detailed description, high quality photos, your availabilities and the location. You will also be promted to include a price and the maximum amount of participants.

How do I find the perfect price for my Adventure?

When finding the right price for your Adventure we recommend that you do some market research by taking a look at similar offers already listed on our platform. Doing so will help you to find a competitive price relative to existing Adventures and increase your chance of being booked. Having said that, it is still your choice so most importantly find a price that works for you.

How can I create an Organization?

Once your local account has been approved, you can begin creating your organization. From there you will have to fill in some details such as a short description of your enterprise and where you are based. Uploading high quality photos alongside this information will increase your visibility. You can now start affiliating locals, assigning payment rules and increasing your income.